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AMA Networks, based in San Diego, California, has worked with small and mid-sized companies in IT management since 2009.   Our Managed IT Services include cloud and hosted services, network management, server management, and desktop management, as well as on-site support in the San Diego area.

Our Professional IT Services cover most of the software-intensive aspects of business, such as IT security, data recovery, network support, and virtualization.  We then provide continual IT consulting to assist with planning for immediate and future considerations, and fit all this into your budget with fair and consistent rates.

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Managed IT Services

Streamlining businesses to become more efficient and lower costs, working alongside an IT department, or in its place.

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Virtulization & Cloud

Seamless virtual integration and robust cloud-applications, delivered over the Web or a local network.

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Network IT Management

We cover services for managing network infrastructure and providing extended support.

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Hosted IT  Services

Enhanced communication and data management across technology-based platforms such from device to desktop.

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Information Technology is a part of sustaining continued profitability, as companies seek to provide more efficient services than their competitors by utilizing more efficient data management practices.  Outsourcing IT services can give the same advantages as enacting an IT department, except with greater financial flexibility and reduced workloads.   This enables a company to place more emphasis on its core processes.
Future-minded businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on Internet, e-mail, productivity software, critical databases, Local Area Networking and Intranet systems.  We provide access to a team of experienced engineers, whose collective skill sets are invaluable to managing these components, as well as many others.
The goal of our IT Managed Services is to continually monitor system performance, capacity, and usage, utilizing IT industry best practices.  Proactive support means that we minimize threats of system failure before they happen.   With Professional Services, we assist with system migrations, upgrades, and IT projects, with rates that are much lower upfront and over time than an in-house department.  Our standard of quality also reduces expenses that occur when jobs aren’t seen to completion.

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