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What is AMA Networks’ IT Consulting?

Antivirus-Software-ProgramsAMA Networks IT Consulting Services are the consolidation of many different advisory and management implementations, centered on the fulfillment of long and short term objectives.  These services approach your company’s infrastructure from both a technological and financial standpoint, with the intention of creating synergy between the two components of business.  We break down the resources and time needed to go into projects, recommend management, implementation, and organizational strategies, and serve as support staff for the duration of deployment.

Contractual Freedom

Consulting can be either a structured contract that runs for a specified amount of time at an agreed upon rate, or services can be provided on an as-needed basis.  The as-needed component does not require a MSP (Managed Services Program) contract or a Service-Level Agreement, but can be utilized as a fee-for-service (or break/fix) solution that allows greater flexibility for our customers.  If the alternative is of interest, please see Managed Services.

Professional Expertise

As with all of AMA Networks services, our IT consulting is provided by qualified and experienced engineers who understand the necessity of balancing budgets and getting the most out of available resources.  As these are the same engineers who would are proficient in hands-on managed services, their perspectives are geared toward solutions that fit the requirements of your specific organization, rather than applying blanket strategies that do not provide an ideal fit for every business strategy.


Estimates and consults are driven by current need as well as growth potential, with the intent to create stable platforms for expanding business-critical processes.  This is done with consideration of current infrastructure, with the intention of lessening the strain of transition periods and avoiding lulls in business as employees adapt to new systems.  This includes an assessment of cloud readiness, which brings to light your company’s potential for migration and an explanation of the benefits of virtualization.


Part of the convenience in utilizing AMA Networks for IT consulting is the fact that we offer a full range of service that extends beyond the advisory capacity into the hands-on aspects of IT management.  This means that while there are no contractual obligations upfront for the as-needed consulting practice, this can be changed to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) agreement at any time.  The consulting and non-contract work offers the flexibility of “borrowed expertise” similar to hiring a temporary contractor to fix a specific problem, where the MSP offers the around-the-clock availability and long-term considerations of having an IT department on retainer.  Both choices are considerably less expensive and less taxing than inserting an IT department into your organization from scratch.

Continued Education

IT training is an extension of all services provided by AMA Networks, including our IT Consulting services.  Since our consulting services can be seen as an education for upper management regarding the broad view if IT and how it will affect their day-to-day processes, our onsite training is extending this expertise to the employees.   This fits into the aforementioned goal of easing transitions from system to system, as well as providing companies with a conceptual understanding of Information Technology where none previously existed.

On-site Consulting and IT Consulting Service Available:

  • We study your existing system capabilities, assess the requirements specific to your company, and then we provide thorough recommendations.
  • Detailed proposals and precise estimates are available at any time.
  • Monthly Service Agreements can be enacted upon request.
  • Free, no-obligation evaluations of your IT infrastructure is provided on-site


Virtualization Services

We realize that Virtualization and Virtualization Services is changing the face of the IT industry.

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IT Security

We all know that internet is not safe place anymore. New threats are released everyday.

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Data Back-up and Recovery

Data Backup and Data Recovery is an important consideration when looking at your computer infrastructure.

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Computer Service and Repair

Our rapid on-site repair services include software trouble-shooting and hardware repair.

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IT Consulting and Services

San Diego IT Consulting and IT Consulting services made easy!

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We focus on ongoing preventive support, not just reactionary fixes
We average over 12 years of experience in the business. We are not learning on the job.
You receive more than a technician. You have access to our experienced Management and Support staff that are here to help you with your home and business needs. With “one computer guy” or “a friend” you will only have a limited amount of technical expertise with limited resources. With AMA Networks on the other hand, we have put together a team of highly trained technical and experienced project managers with the infrastructure to ensure that support is comprehensive.
When you hire AMA Networks, you have hired an entire team of highly skilled technical specialists and a team of support staff. You receive proven solutions from a trusted provider and vendors, not some unknown application or method.
Since we care, we are always eager to assist our clients in any way!
We will reduce your existing I.T. Support costs while providing stable network performance.


Our Core Competencies

We have in depth knowledge in every aspect of I.T. and infrastructure, and we have listed our core competencies below to show you an example of our abilities:

Professional Consulting Services

  • Backup & Data Recovery
  • Networking & Network Support
  • Computer Services & Repair
  • Remote Assistance
  • Web Development
  • Virus & Spam Solutions
  • On-Site Support & Training
  • Virtualization
  • Security

Managed Services

  • Server
  • Network
  • Desktop
  • On-Site


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