The 4 main reasons that businesses contact us

We’re always plugged in, so send us an email, chat, or give us a call for your business IT needs, big or small.  Our experience has taught us that we must first know where you are currently at before we can begin advising you on how we can help.  So we offer a “No Cost” assessment so we can better understand your current situation.

1. You have an Urgent need

Do you have a IT problem?  We love helping people.  Give us a call.

2. Looking for an Assessment

Do you have recurring problem with your network?  Let’s take a look.

3. We need a second Opinion

Did you just get a quote but you are not quite sure?  We can help.

4. Looking for a Tech Partner

Our clients love working with us.  Become a partner with AMA.







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Tuesday: 24 hours
Wednesday: 24 hours
Thursday: 24 hours
Friday: 24 hours
Saturday: 24 hours
Sunday: 24 hours