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Madaffer Enterprises.

    Project Description

    madaffercover-mainThe Challenge

    When he started his consulting business, Mr. Madaffer handled all IT needs and issues himself. As the
    company grew, he quickly realized there were not enough hours in a day to do everything himself. He
    needed to hire an IT expert.

    “We were looking for a company that would be easy to work with, one that would understand the

    technology and one that could handle our complex issues,” Mr. Madaffer said. “I wanted to know that
    I could send an email to my IT expert and they would handle the problem so I wouldn’t have to keep
    worrying about it.”

    Instead of hiring in-house IT support, Mr. Madaffer decided it would be more cost effective to simply
    have someone on call.

    “I was busy taking care of clients, so it made sense to bring in an expert,” he said. “When you have
    an employee in-house, a lot of the time they are limited to what is going on in that operation. I find
    that by bringing in an outside perspective, it adds diversity to the mix. You gain new ideas and new

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    Project Details

    • Date May 17, 2016
    • Tags Case Studies

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